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Welcome to BackStage Billiards of Lake Buena Vista!

Welcome to BackStage Billiards of Lake Buena Vista! We are a sports bar with a pool hall where you can come, relax after a long day at work, and enjoy craft beer, cocktails, and appetizers to munch on. We also offer darts and poker for you to enjoy while you kick back and enjoy your favorite sports teams on the big screens. Below, we’ll go over just a bit more of the offerings at your local pool hall. Visit us today!

Pool Billiards

Billiards has a long and varied history, beginning at least in the 15th century. We know this because billiards appears in Shakespeare’s works, and throughout history, many famous people have enjoyed the game, from Mozart and King XIV of France to Abraham Lincoln and Babe Ruth. Billiards is thought to have originated from an outdoor game that involved a stick and balls, probably in France.

Billiards is an all-inclusive term that includes any game played with a cue stick and billiard balls. Depending on which country you are in, billiards can refer to different games. In the United States, billiards is generally called pool or pool billiards. There are many variations to pool billiards that you can play on a pool table, including eight-ball and one-pocket. Here at BackStage Billiards in Orlando, your local pool hall, you can play whatever game you choose, as long as you have fun!



A dart is a small, hand-held thin device with a pointed tip that is thrown at a board with holes. The game of darts is played by trying to hit the center, or bulls-eye of a dart board.

The game of darts began as a military past time about 700 years ago in England. Bored soldiers would sit around and throw spearheads at objects, inventing rules and challenges as they went. Not only was this a fun way to alleviate boredom, it also helped the soldiers develop accuracy in the field. Tree trunks began to become the target, which, if you’ve ever seen a dart board, you now know where the design came from. By the beginning of the 19th century, the game of darts was in essence what we know today. Here at BackStage Billiards of Lake Buena Vista, you can enjoy a game of darts, along with our daily drink specials.


Poker’s origins are debated. What we do know is that poker’s closest relative, Poque was played in France in the 1600s. This game was brought to France’s colonies, most notable New Orleans. From there, English-speaking settlers turned poker into what it is now, a 52-card game with five cards per player where bets are taken. It spread up the Mississippi River through riverboats, being popular amongst US soldiers in the Civil War and throughout saloons in the Wild West. Here at BackStage Billiards of Lake Buena Vista, you can play poker, enjoy drinks, and possibly win.


Visit BackStage Billiards of Lake Buena Vista, your local pool hall, for pool billiards, darts, and poker, and try out our daily drink specials. See ya soon!

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